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Focus on Digital Imaging Industry Drivers: Apps, Outputs and Storage

The digital imaging (DI) industry continues to experience shifts in both consumer engagement and adoption. As more consumers opt for convenient, on-the-go image capture options, the desire for greater engagement throughout their DI journey also grows. These changes and desires have opened doors to more industry opportunities in the realm of apps, outputs and storage for DI, and the following report explores consumer trends in all three arenas. Specifically, this study:

  • Examines consumers’ use of and engagement with apps for DI activities,
  • Assesses consumers’ current and future photo output (ordering and creating) behaviors, evaluates obstacles to creating and ordering outputs, and identifies opportunities to encourage the purchase of more photo output products, and
  • Gauges consumers’ photo saving and storing behaviors, identifies pain points during the photo storing process, and discovers solutions to photo storing pain points.


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