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Consumer Technology Post-Purchase Behavior

Understanding the customer journey is key to success in the Consumer Technology industry. Truly knowing and understanding the customer’s experience – from the time of initial contact, throughout the process of engagement, to the point of sale – can help companies organize around the customer and enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint. 
But what happens after the purchase, once the customer gets their new consumer tech product home? What does their experience look like? The post-purchase phase – the one in which we consider customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy – are just as important to understand.   
As such, this study is specifically designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand what consumers do when they take a consumer tech product home
  • Understand what makes a consumer self-install vs. professional installation
  • Assess warranty use and the significance of warranties on purchase decisions
  • Gain insight into disposal of consumer tech products and what happens when a product reaches the end of its life