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CTA Quarterly Outlook Report - Smartwatches 3Q 2016

CTA Quarterly Outlook Reports - Smartwatches
A unique offering in the marketplace, CTA’s quarterly outlook reports measure current and future performance of key CE categories by providing analysis, forecasting and perspective on a range of measures, including: current market size, addressable market, U.S. Household Ownership rates, density rates, historical shipment data, and Purchase Intent, as well as commentary on the marketplace. These forward looking reports augment our existing Industry Forecasts and Monthly Shipment Data reports.

How are CTA’s Quarterly Outlook Reports produced?
Our reporting methodology employs a proprietary statistical modeling approach blending quantitative market data with consumer research to develop a current picture of device markets with a view to the future.

What markets do the CTA’s Quarterly Outlook Reports track?
We currently offer quarterly outlook reports for Smartwatches, Smartphones, Desktop PCs, Tablets, Laptops and Television Displays.

How are CTA’s Quarterly Outlook Reports presented?
Comprehensive and multi-faceted, each quarterly outlook report includes a two year forward looking (quarterly) forecast for a given market segment. The reports track and predict manufacturer sales, revenues and average wholesale price and include written analysis and charts.

Complementing this forecast data, the reports provide analysis of American household ownership rates and density rates for a given technology, as well as future purchase intent.

Taken together, users gain valuable insight into the growth and evolution of markets.