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Self-Driving Vehicles: Consumer Sentiments

Self-driving cars are no longer a technology of the future. The technology and policy landscapes of self-driving vehicles are evolving fast and so are consumer sentiments about their intentions to adopt. Self-driving vehicles have the potential to transform U.S. transportation in life-changing ways. This report looks to understand consumer sentiments about everyday commuting woes; awareness and use of self-driving features; and attitudes toward completely self-driving vehicles and their potential benefits. 

The research specifically answers the following questions:

  • What are consumers’ pain points regarding driving on U.S. roads?
  • What is the level of consumer awareness of self-driving / autonomous vehicles?
  • What is the level of adoption and satisfaction toward existing self-driving features?
  • What are consumer sentiments toward potential benefits of self-driving vehicles?
  • What are consumer attitudes toward adopting a self-driving vehicle?