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Assessing Use and Attitudes Towards 3D Printing Technology: Asia and Europe

Does 3D Printing (3DP) technology reduce manufacturing costs for companies? Do intellectual property rules and liability rules limit the growth of 3DP in Asia and Europe? Assessing Use and Attitudes Towards 3DP Technology: Asia and Europe Report explores the roadmap for 3DP adoption among current and prospective users in Asia and Europe and the various benefits and barriers along the way. The report also provides information on the size and scope of commercial 3DP market in these regions, analyzes how experts make decisions about 3DP materials, processes and software and which ones are in use and what to expect in future.

  • Gauge level of interest in 3DP
  • Explore attitudes towards 3DP including perceived benefits and barriers
  • Assess use and uptake barriers of 3DP
  • Focus on 3DP materials
  • Future of 3DP