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Consumers Journey to Purchase: Health and Fitness

The health and fitness category is constantly evolving with new features and products entering the market, including smart apparel and sleep tracking devices. The growing array of products we are seeing in the Health and Fitness category points to how the industry is addressing multiple needs of the ‘quantified self’. This study provides insight into the opportunity at retail among key consumer groups by examining how consumers shop for health and fitness products, what drives them to purchase in one channel over another, and the role salespeople, family/friends/coworkers, reviews and packaging play in their purchase decision. In addition, the study explores consumer perceptions of the different shopping options including brick-and-mortar, online and mobile channels.

Specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Identify the purchase drivers for health & fitness technology both in-store and online 
  • Understand the features that consumers are looking for in their health/fitness device 
  • Clarify the differences among those shopping for health reasons vs. those shopping for fitness reasons

This report is a must read for anyone seeking a better understanding consumer retail behavior for  consumer electronics in general and the health and fitness category in particular, including retailers, manufacturers and marketing professionals.