Policy Cheatsheet


CTA produces the Accessibility Resource Center, has a working group to develop standards for enhanced accessibility features in devices and backs legislation to make PSAPs accessible to consumers.


US consumer drone sales will grow more than 400 percent from 2014 to 2016. To support the growth, CTA encourages state and local governments to avoid creating rules that conflict with federal laws.

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency works best through voluntary agreements not mandates. Our industry recently put in place two voluntary agreements that have saved American consumers more than $1.2 billion in energy bills and avoided 6.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

Environmental Sustainability

According to EPA, consumer electronics has the fastest growing recycling rate of any product category in the United States. To reduce e-waste, the industry works with stakeholders to develop e-cycling programs and consumer awareness campaigns. See greenergadgets.org.


Tech companies cooperate closely with government and law enforcement to fight terrorism, but mandatory encryption backdoors make everyone less secure.  Strong encryption enhances the privacy and security of our personal data.

Internet Freedom

Balanced copyright laws must reward creators while allowing innovation and new technologies. Laws to protect internet intermediaries such as the DMCA “safe harbors” must be preserved.

Patent Reform

This extortion by patent trolls drains $1.5 billion from the US economy each year. Congress needs to enact targeted legislation that shuts down bogus patent claims.


We encourage industry-driven frameworks that ensure transparency and security in how businesses use and retain personal data.   

Overtime Rule

Injunction by a federal judge delays Department of Labor overtime rule that dramatically raised eligibility for overtime pay. Congress and Administration must repeal the rule, which especially hurts startups.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars can save tens of thousands of lives in the US each year. States should avoid patchwork laws that might inhibit innovation. CTA works with NHTSA for a federal regulatory framework that emphasizes safety and promotes innovation.

Sharing Economy

44 percent of U.S. adults participate and benefit from the sharing economy. Governments at all levels must embrace these platforms and not stifle disruptive innovators with unnecessary regulation.

Skilled Immigration

Immigrants founded 51 percent of US startups, employing 5.9 million workers. Congress should fix the abuses in the H1-B visa program, lift artificial visa caps, and ensure that foreign STEM graduates of US universities can stay in America and create jobs.


Unlicensed spectrum generated $62 billion a year for the US economy. The government must repurpose unused federal and broadcaster spectrum for licensed and unlicensed uses.


11.5 million US jobs are supported by exports. Congress and the President should proactively open new markets for US exporters of goods and digital services.