2019 US Innovation Scorecard

2018 US Innovation Scorecard

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Innovation starts with a seed of an idea. It takes an entrepreneur with vision and courage to make that seed blossom into a business that enriches our lives or even provides our livelihood.

But ideas can only take root in welcoming environments. States where leaders recognize the transformative power of innovation, and allow entrepreneurs to test new technologies and new business models, create more robust economic growth, more high-quality jobs, and more livable cities. These states are fostering new technologies like drones and self-driving vehicles, welcoming new business models like ridesharing and short-term rental platforms, and empowering their citizens with the right skills to work in a range of emerging fields.

The annual CTA Innovation Scorecard grades every state on 12 qualitative and quantitative criteria, and ranks them into four tiers: Innovation Champions, Innovation Leaders, Innovation Adopters and Modest Innovators.