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Contributing to CTAPAC

CTAPAC is funded solely through voluntary, personal contributions from the executive and administrative personnel of CTA's corporate members — people like you. Corporate contributions are prohibited under federal law.

Contributions are made to election campaigns of candidates (both incumbents and challengers, Democrats and Republicans) who support innovation and champion causes important to the consumer technology industry. All candidates assisted by CTAPAC have been carefully reviewed by a committee of your peers before support is granted. 

A strong CTAPAC will enhance our voice in Washington, give us a level playing field with our well-funded opponents, and put our support behind members of Congress who are friends of the technology industry.

How Can I Help?

  1. Give us authorization. Before we can ask for a contribution, federal election law requires us to first receive an authorization form from each CTA member company. Access the authorization for CTAPAC solicitation form
  2. Contribute to CTAPAC online. Fill out the CTAPAC Contribution Form. >
If you have questions about CTAPAC or would like to become involved in CTAPAC activities, please contact Kelsey Odom.