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Loyd Ivey

Chairman and CEO, MiTek Electronics and Communications

Loyd Ivey is the Chairman and CEO of MiTek Electronics and Communications, a leading privately-held United States manufacturer of high-performance automotive, residential, professional and commercial audio products for more than 40 years. Ivey has been a major factor and contributor to the advancement of the consumer electronics industry. His unparalleled passion for excellence is balanced by his concern for his people employed in the MiTek facilities located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Canada, France, China and Thailand.

Having held various Vice and Chair positions in the CTA, he was elected chairman of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Today Ivey remains a member of the Board of Industry Leaders and serves on the CTAPAC Board as well as the CTA Foundation Board.  Ivey is a strong advocate for the industry’s growth and sustainability.  He eagerly works with CTA staff members to successfully pass various International trade agreements to ensure healthy trade relationships and activities throughout the world. He enjoys spending time on Capitol Hill and taking CTA issues to the government. He always focuses on CTA's three current initiatives and talks with every Representative and Senator he can get a passing moment with in order to advance the CTA's positions. His governmental activities include involvement with municipal and state lawmakers as well as law enforcement agencies, including Bollinger County Missouri where he is a Sheriff's Deputy and department pilot.  

Mitek is truly a family oriented business in which all of the employees are part of the extended family. Loyd has a personal relationship with all 300 plus partners that work in each of the Mitek facilities in the United States. Ivey’s philanthropic efforts include everything from medical research, youth organizations and educational foundations, to animal rescue and wildlife preservation.  Ivey is dedicated to delivering a negative carbon footprint for his company. Ivey owns thousands of acres of timber and wetlands set aside for conservation as part of his mission "to put more in than you take out" and ensure that Mitek's domestic operations remain carbon negative. He provides financial support to many charitable organizations and fundraising events, and invests his personal time as a mentor and advisor.  Willing to share his vast knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial spirit, he helps support the educational pursuits and opportunities for our youth and young business people.  He is both a student and a teacher of life skills and his love of explaining things with parables, analogies, and common sense is what makes him so unusual from the everyday public speaker. Other activities in Ivey's life have included a love of music as a concert and jazz saxophone player, a commercial prop and jet pilot, aerial combat maneuvering and helicopter pilot, skydiver, open wheel and stock car racing driver, motorcycle and drag racing, and coast to coast motorcycle riding enthusiast.

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