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CTA Examines the Emerging World of Pet Tech

From connected pet collars with GPS sensors, to automated feeding stations and temperature-controlled beds, CES 2018 featured a wide array of technologies focused on our four-legged friends. A fast growing sector of the consumer technology industry, new pet-focused technologies offer consumers peace of mind and convenience to pet owners. Whether checking in or playing with their pet via a connected device while away from home, or allowing a pet owner to track a pet’s weight and dietary information, pet tech has the potential to revolutionize pet ownership.

The Tractive booth at CES 2018

To better understand consumer awareness of – and uses for – pet technology, along with purchase drivers and barriers, CTA market research produced the 2017 Pet Technology Survey.

To better categorize these technologies, CTA divided pet tech into five categories:

  • Training devices (including training collars, pet cameras and wireless fences),
  • Pet health and tracking solutions (including pet GPS trackers, fitness trackers, pet health monitors and grooming devices),
  • Automation devices (including automated feeders and fountains, automated pet doors and pet waste management solutions),
  • Interactive toys,
  • And mobile app/software-based services (including dog walking and pet-sitting services, veterinary and pet health apps, automated food and prescription delivery services, shelter and adoption apps).

The survey found that of all pet technologies, awareness was highest for wireless fences (65 percent), automated feeders and/or water fountains (58 percent) and training collars (57 percent). In addition, nine in ten respondents were aware of mobile apps and services, such as dog walking and pet sitting services.

In addition to awareness of different pet technologies, the survey also examined the most common uses of pet tech among U.S. adults, finding that most owners used technology for pet health and playful purposes.

The  survey is available free to CTA members.

Mark Chisholm, Consumer Technology Association