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International Focus: South Korea

2018 Winter Olympics to Preview 5G Technology

A number of technologies related to 5G wireless broadband will be used during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games (February 9-25), giving attendees a sneak peek at what might be the future of sporting events. South Korea’s National Information Society Agency will implement the technologies at sporting venues, as well as Seoul's Incheon International Airport, to enable 5G-based experiences such as navigation via augmented reality, as well as virtual reality experiences made possible by cameras installed on athletes.

Israel, South Korea Work on Drones

South Korean manufacturing company Hankuk Carbon has entered into a joint venture with Israel Aerospace Industries to develop drone technologies for both military and civilian use. The new joint venture, Korea Aviation Technologies (KAT), was signed during the 2017 International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in Seoul. “Both companies have established a firm relationship within a short period of time, and the result will be passed on to the HC-IAI joint venture,” said Hankuk Carbon CEO Moon-Soo Cho.

K-City to Serve as Self-Driving Testbed

The South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced the opening of K-City, which will serve as a smart city for testing self-driving vehicle technology. The 79-acre site is located south of Seoul in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi province, and features a highway system to simulate 35 driving conditions to test self-driving technologies.

LG Delegation Visits Pittsburgh

A delegation of 40 LG Electronics executives visited Pittsburgh in November, reportedly eyeing the city for potential partnerships and investments. The delegation, led by LG Chief Technical Officer Skott Ahn, examined the local university, startup and investment climate. “Pittsburgh’s strength in robotics and artificial intelligence and their broad applicability to our areas of business make the Pittsburgh area, its educational institutions and startups a natural place for potential LG collaboration in the future,” Ahn said in a statement.

Startup Focuses on Food Safety

The Wave Talk, a South Korean startup, has developed technology that improves food safety by simplifying the detection of bacterial contamination. TWT’s technology, the Total Wave Inspection System, uses a laser to penetrate a liquid and detect bacteria that may cause foodborne illness. While easily incorporated into production lines at restaurants, many believe the affordable technology could also be built into smart homes.

Mark Chisholm, Consumer Technology Association