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Accessible Technology at CES 2018

Technology is improving lives across the globe, and the newest innovations that enable people of all ages and abilities to live independently will be on display at CES 2018. With more than 7,000 media expected, the cutting edge technologies of tomorrow will dominate the news outlets. The CTA Foundation is focused on telling the stories behind how technology is bettering our world, particularly for the growing aging demographic and people with disabilities.

The CTA Foundation is proud to host a number of events at CES showcasing the power of technology working for people of all abilities. This includes two panels:

  • The first will show the many benefits of self-driving vehicles for both the aging and disability communities.

  • The second will focus on how smart home technologies are enabling greater independence for people regardless of age or ability.

In conjunction with CTA’s Government and Legal Affairs team, the CTA Foundation will host the Accessible Leaders CES Tour. This tour connects the top disability advocates with the industry to help facilitate the dialogue necessary to continue developing accessible technologies. These advancements are vital in helping seniors and those with disabilities live more independently.

For the third consecutive year, the Accessibility Marketplace will be in the Tech West Sands Expo. And in Eureka Park we will feature our five startup accessibility winners. Across the show, a number of initiatives by both CTA and the CTA Foundation will identify companies exhibiting accessible technology. We want to hear from you if your company or someone you know is exhibiting a technology helping people of all abilities and ages to live more independently.

With one in five individuals reporting a disability and the number of individuals 65 and older set to double by 2060, we are in the midst of a massive demographic shift. Technology is a crucial piece that will help individuals of all abilities live more independently. The CTA Foundation is proud to work with and support organizations serving seniors and those with disabilities through the power of technology.

THE CTA FOUNDATION a public, national foundation affiliated with CTA, was launched in 2012 with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. The foundation strategically supports programs that affect these communities and facilitates dialog between industry, consumers, government, advocacy groups and other key stakeholders. For more information, visit

Steve Ewell