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The 5 Most Exciting Products at CES Asia’s Startup Park

From augmented reality to apps that analyze your DNA, here are five of the most thrilling startups at CES Asia pushing consumer innovation to exciting new limits.

CES Asia kicked off today, with over 30,000 attendees and 450 exhibitors showcasing the full potential of the Asian marketplace for consumer technology. The show features major retailers from across the world, but some of the most exciting tech just beyond the massive halls at Startup Park, which just hosts smaller, up-and-coming companies and entrepreneurs.

Co-produced by Shanghai Intex, Startup Park hosts roughly 75 different companies from 10 different countries, including France, Australia, Netherlands and the U.S. Many of the businesses have also been developed in leading tech hubs, like La French Tech and Shanghai’s largest tech park, Zhanghiang Hi-Tech Park. 

From augmented reality to apps that analyze your DNA, here are five of the most thrilling startups at CES Asia pushing consumer innovation to exciting new limits:


DreamWorld: As companies search for ways to bring augmented reality to the masses, DreamWorld is working to use wearable glasses to optimize the AR experience. When users put on the DreamGlass, which is being officially unveiled at CES Asia, new images, interfaces and creations appear to the wearer in a 100 degree HD field-of-view. The lightweight glasses can also recognize hand gestures, track your head and has built-in face detection to ensure you can truly interact with the software, whether it’s a game a or a 3D model spinning right before your eyes.

MyGenomeBox: As the “world’s first cloud-based genome-sharing platform,” MyGenomeBox calls itself the DNA App Store. Launched at CES 2017, the site offers an entire marketplace for genetic-related apps that can provide customized information based on DNA data you upload to the site. Once uploaded, this data can act as a key to unlock information about everything from your health risks to your ancestry. Right now, users can find apps that analyze your DNA to find out about your cholesterol levels, skincare, or even what wine you may like. And of course, the site also offers industry-leading security and privacy to keep your information safe. 

Evoke's Urban S electric motorcycle

Evoke Motorcycles: Evoke’s flagship motorcycle, the Urban S may go from zero to 60 mph in six seconds, but it still manages to produce zero-emissions thanks to its patented lithium-ion battery. It’s the first electric motorcycle with precision brake precision braking and also boasts a 200 kilometer range and built-in navigation. Evoke doesn’t want to just stop there - they are currently developing a bike-share program that would let city-goers rent a motorcycle from a charge station placed across towns. For now, the company plans to bring the Urban S stateside in July, thanks to plans major expansion and a partnership with Apple’s iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn.

iglooHome: Personal security takes another step into the future with iglooHome’s smart lockboxes and deadbolts. By using a phone app alongside with the Keybox or Deadbolt, users can lock or unlock the gadgets anywhere using a time-sensitive PIN code, offering home owners more security and peace-of-mind. And it works offline, just in case you don’t have internet access. Igloohome also provides a subscription service for Airbnb users that automatically creates PIN codes for guests if hosts have the the smartlocks. 

Travis the Translator: This personal voice translator is already a huge hit, raising 784 percent of its funding goals on Indiegogo. Even though the device can easily fit in the size of your hand, Travis knows over 80 languages and can start translating you or your friend’s conversation at the touch of a button. Travis even uses machine learning, so it learns more about translation as you do, too. Alongside with their show at CES Asia, they are currently going through mass production for an official launch this winter. 

Jeremy Snow