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What I Expect to See at CES

The 50th anniversary of the world’s most significant tech event is upon us.

CES 2017 promises to be the grandest CES in its long and prestigious half-century history. Some 2.4 million square feet, roughly the size of 50 football fields will be filled with the world’s most innovative services and devices propelling us into the future.

We expect more than 165,000 attendees from some 150 countries to attend CES 2017. What started 50 years ago has blossomed into the single most important global stage for innovation.

I estimate that nearly 20 percent of the 3,800+ companies exhibiting at CES 2017 didn’t even exist as companies three years ago. CES has remained relevant for 50 years because it is constantly and consistently the venue for bringing the freshest technological innovations to market.

We’ve seen massive innovation in a myriad of areas over the last 50 years and I believe the innovation over the next 50 years will be even more pronounced and transformative. Much of the technological progress we’ve seen has simply changed how we do things and in some instances the things we do. I believe many of today’s technological advances, the ones being unveiled at CES 2017 and beyond, are fundamentally changing who we are. They are changing how we relate to one another. Here are a just a few things I expect to see at CES 2017.

Transportation innovation could change every decision we make about how we live our lives.

Transportation is undergoing one of the biggest revolutions since the wheel was invented around 3400 BCE. Drones are transforming how we see the world and at the same time changing the pace and tempo of interaction across widely diverse environments. Driver assist technologies, and eminently self-driving technologies, are changing entirely how we think about the world in which we work, live and play.

Contextual technologies will change the experiences we have.

Everything around us is digitizing and connecting, and in turn creating entirely new paradigms with it. Smart is the new way of life. As the world increasingly digitizes around us, contextual technologies will grow in prominence and we’ll start to see this evolution at CES 2017. From healthcare to fitness to entertainment, contextual technologies will take into account a wide array of information to provide the most relevant experiences.

Expect the unexpected.

As I’ve come to CES in recent years, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. When everything is digitally available and connected, everything can, and will, be infused with technology and become part of this massive landscape of innovation. In a digitally connected world, technology touches nearly every industry, market and occupation. From real estate, travel, tourism, new media and professional sports, CES 2017 will feature entirely new markets and companies. Areas of the global economy you thought would never change are being disrupted. Daily activities you thought would forever remain the same are transforming in an instant. Disruptive technologies are colliding with things that have remained largely the same for centuries. The entire way we experience life is fully being transformed. CES 2017 will be full of surprises. Come to CES 2017 expecting the unexpected.

Shawn G. DuBravac, PhD, CTA