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Bloomlife's Eric Dy

CTA’s newest startup member is bringing innovative data and solutions to a key area of women’s health: pregnancy.

Last year Eric Dy’s women’s health startup Bloomlife pitched to a room full of top tech executives and investors at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) semi-finals at CES 2016. Since then, his company has celebrated early successes (spoiler: Dy’s company won the final round on Richard Branson’s Necker Island) and is launching its first consumer-ready product at CES 2017. CTA’s newest startup member is bringing innovative data and solutions to a key area of women’s health: pregnancy.

Bloomlife's Eric Dy

What is Bloomlife?

We are a women’s health company working in the digital health space. We combine pregnancy specific wearables with data analytics to reassure moms and provide doctors with better information to improve birth outcomes. Our mission is to develop new technologies to advance the state of prenatal care and improve the health of moms and babies.

We started in January 2014 while my cofounder and I were working at a company (imec) developing advanced wearable solutions for consumer and medical markets. We were inspired by his pregnant wife and when we started looking into the healthcare side of things, we were surprised at how little innovation there’s been in this space. As a consequence, pregnancy complications are on the rise. We felt technology we developed in the past could be repurposed to advance the state of prenatal care.

Our goal was to develop a pregnancy specific wearable that combined medical accuracy with a simple consumer experience to reassure expectant couples and answer key questions. We also wanted to provide doctors with information to help them better track and manage the health of expecting moms.

You participated in the XTC semifinals at CES 2016. Tell us about your trajectory since then.

The XTC helped accelerate our growth. We were a semi-finalist in Las Vegas, and later went to Necker Island and won the finals. Having Richard Branson endorse your company definitely makes a difference. We’re fortunate we got connected with several high profile investors and ended up closing another round of funding following the XTC event that helped to accelerate our product roadmap including ramping up beta testing.

We’ve had hundreds of women use the product during their pregnancy. The feedback is awesome and it’s clear we’re addressing an overlooked group. Women have been organically sending letters and photos of their babies thanking us for taking some of the guesswork out of their pregnancy journey.

Why did you join CTA?

We realize the value of the network and exposure that tech startups get through CTA events and through other member companies and the opportunities they provide in terms of partnership and visibility. Given the success we’ve seen by attending one event, it made sense for us to become a CTA member.

Where do you see the future of consumer health tech?

One of our beliefs is that general, all-purpose devices are not going to address most people’s needs. We believe there will be a continued trend towards more clinically validated and FDA cleared devices. This space is going to evolve with devices designed towards market segments that have a specific condition they want to track or manage, and then having devices designed specifically to do that.

What’s next for Bloomlife?

In January we’re launching our first product, a clinically validated wearable that automatically measures and tracks contractions to reassure and empower expecting couples with better information to make more confident decisions. It supports both iOS and Android. We will continue working closely with the University of California, San Francisco and the Preterm Birth Initiative. Our goal is to make a product that benefits all moms not just those that can afford it. Our clinical research aims to prove specific medical benefits to secure reimbursement from payers.

We have more features to be released next year and are working hard to complete the clinical validation on them. We’re excited to attend CES 2017 to see other new baby tech products are there, since things are evolving really fast. It’s an exciting time for us.

Bronwyn Flores