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What Happened at CES 2016 With T&S

Consumer technology companies understand the value of standards and how fundamental they are to a healthy industry.

CTA has a robust standards development program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). At the 2015 CES, we highlighted some CTA standards projects with our “Featured Standards” conference panels including the Internet of Things, driving safely with the CE industry and sleep monitoring with consumer gear. The sessions were so helpful in spreading the word that we are “featuring” additional standards at CES 2016, and gathering industry alliances together for a unique networking event.

Featured Standards at CES 2016

“Completing the HDR Viewing Experience,” was moderated by CTA’s Dave Wilson, looking at High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV. New standards helped to define how to deliver HDR to 4K UHD televisions. These new standards include an extension to one of CTA’s most popular standards, A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High- Speed Digital Interfaces (ANSI/CTA- 861-F). Learn from companies involved in this work how HDR and other enhancements get delivered to today’s best TVs and how to future proof your next video product.

As the popularity of wearables grows, industry and consumers want greater accuracy and consistency in the data presented to consumers by various brands. Drew Schiller, CTO and cofounder of Validic moderated the “Counting on Consistency in Fitness Wearables”panel to provide insight into how CTA is working with manufacturers to develop performance standards so consumers can consistently track sleep, calories, steps and heart rate across products.

Finally, CTA’s Mike Bergman presented on “Spectrum Musical Chairs and CE Devices.” Carriers are considering expanding LTE into unlicensed spectrum used by Wi-Fi and other services. Meanwhile, there are increasing instances of other licensed services eyeing unlicensed spectrum. Attendees learned about LTE-Unlicensed, LTE License Assisted Access and other industry activities to coordinate unlicensed spectrum usage from a licensed position.

Building Alliances

CTA members participate in standard efforts but they are also involved in various industry alliances. Alliances are formed to promote new technologies and allow companies to create a greater presence to advance a common standard. At CES 2016, we are hosted a reception for people interested in or already participating in industry alliances. The CTA Alliance Community Reception brought together consumer technology alliances and CES attendees to help alliances reach potential new members and provide an opportunity to network and discuss common interests.

Consumer technology companies often collaborate on development and promotion of interfaces, formats and other features that make products more useful for consumers. These technology alliances develop standards, run certification programs and execute promotional campaigns aimed at ensuring success for their technologies.

Standardizing common platforms, performance measurement methods, interfaces and other aspects of consumer technology products helps to eliminate redundancy, reduce time to market and foster innovation. Participation in CTA standards activities is free for CTA members. Contact Veronica Lancaster,, for information.

Veronica Lancaster, Director, Standard Programs, Consumer Technology Association