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CTA Opposes Proposed CPUC Data Requirements on Transportation Network Companies

Arlington, VA – July 19, 2017 – 

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has filed comments in response to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), opposing their proposed data requirements on ridesharing services and transportation network companies (TNC) on the basis of the significant risk to consumers and their right to privacy and data security.

"We need policies that help increase consumer confidence in TNCs. But mandatory data-sharing requirements would do the opposite," CTA argues. "CTA opposes proposals requiring TNCs to share consumer data with any entity, including local governments, that do not have specific data sharing agreements with the TNC. Any theoretical benefits of requiring public sharing of TNC data would be heavily outweighed by the disadvantages. Once this data is made public, the CPUC will not be able to control how and by whom it will be used. Revealing TNC trip data would undermine user trust in ridesharing platforms and may ultimately discourage consumers from using these services due to potential privacy concerns."

CTA's comments to the CPUC suggest "instead of mandating the public release of TNC data, CTA encourages a voluntary data sharing framework that will promote consumers’ trust in technology companies that handle personal data."

The CPUC's proposals raise significant privacy and consumer data security concerns. "CTA is concerned that making consumer data publicly available on a web portal will put this data at risk of exploitation. Sensitive information on the whereabouts of TNC users easily could be misused by third parties such as marketers, advertisers and others who can monetize proprietary data, and puts the site at risk of hackers. This is not in line with consumer expectations of privacy when riding with TNCs."