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CTA Thanks Senate Commerce for Passing MOBILE NOW Act

Arlington, VA – January 24, 2017 – 
“We see connectivity as one of the driving trends of our time. From smartphones to smart homes to self-driving vehicles, Americans depend on spectrum to connect. And with the number of connected devices skyrocketing, we need more of this critical resource to keep America from dropping the signal.
“The MOBILE NOW Act will help our future by allocating additional spectrum for commercial use by 2020. This will create better mobile broadband for consumers and is critical to the success of future innovations, including the development of the next generation of cellular 5G technologies.  
“We thank Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-SD) and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) for championing the MOBILE NOW Act and the Senate Commerce Committee for advancing this vital legislation. This bill is fundamental to the future of American innovation, ensuring job creators have the necessary bandwidth to create new technologies and connect more consumers. We urge the full Senate to pass this legislation without delay.”