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Macron's Election Victory an Early Win for French Innovation, Says CTA

Arlington, VA – April 24, 2017 – 

The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), regarding Emmanuel Macron's victory in the first round of the French presidential election:

"As the voice of the American technology sector, we congratulate Emmanuel Macron on his victory - a vote for innovation and economic growth over protectionism and nativism. With this election, France is closer to seizing the opportunity to advance its commitment to technology and innovation and all the benefits that will deliver.

"Macron embraces the politics of hope over fear and recognizes that trade and immigration are key aspects of a modern economy. His track record during his tenure as Minister of the Economy proves his passion for and success in promoting tech industry growth and the jobs our sector creates. He has vocally supported new business models and investment in innovation, and strongly advocated for a more flexible workforce and a future based on technology. And like President Trump, Macron defies traditional party politics - ignoring a party ideology and, instead, running on a pro-growth strategy that resonates with his voters.

"Macron has also demonstrated a keen understanding of the power of technology as both an economic engine and a means of changing our lives for the better. We are honored to have hosted him twice at CES® in Las Vegas - the global stage for innovation - and our annual CES Unveiled Paris in 2015 and 2016.

 "The French electorate now faces a critical decision that will shape France's innovation and trade policy, possibly affect other European elections and determine policy here in the United States. We look forward to the final round of presidential elections and, ultimately, a truly innovative and visionary leader ascending to the French presidency."