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New Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Launched at CTA’s Technology & Standards Forum

Austin, TX – October 18, 2016 – 

 In light of the increasing volume of cyber threats, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, in partnership with Cigital, released today a new cybersecurity assessment tool for CTA members based on the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM). The online tool will help companies measure and improve their software security initiatives and compare their systems against industry peers.  

"Cybersecurity is an increasing global concern," said Brian Markwalter, Sr. VP, Research and Standards, CTA. "This tool will give companies a comprehensive and cost-effective way to review their cybersecurity capability within their product development cycle. Although there is much to be done, our industry is committed to addressing the serious and growing concern of security breaches in consumer products." 

The BSIMM tool works by asking a series of questions identifying which of 112 best practice activities a company uses. The tool then builds a customized report with results, providing insights that range from educating executives and managing vendors to improving design reviews and adopting security standards. CTA members interested in using the tool may contact

"We take the security of products and privacy of consumers seriously," said Markwalter. "It is critical manufacturers build security into their products from the beginning, as well as provide software updates to address new issues during the expected life of the product. At the same time, consumers are wise to take basic steps to help enhance their security, such as changing default passwords and having unique passwords for different accounts and devices."

The release of the BSIMM tool underscores the focus of this month's CTA Technology & Standards Forum - addressing security and privacy concerns surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Coinciding with CTA's forum, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will hold a multi-stakeholder meeting to improve IoT security upgradability.

Highlights from the opening day of the Forum also included a series of sessions led by industry groups actively addressing consumer technology cybersecurity:

  • The FIDO Alliance led a session on moving toward password-less, more secure methods of authentication;
  • The Internet Society held a discussion on collaborative security, covering ways in which device makers, network operators, content providers and users can work together to create a more secure IoT;
  • The Online Trust Alliance explored best practices for securing IoT devices and websites, as well as security concerns for smart homes and smart cities;
  • The Trusted Computing Group discussed how devices become trusted and can help make the IoT more secure.

The CTA Technology & Standards Forum is taking place this week at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. The full schedule for CTA's Fall Forum is available at