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Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, has authored more than 800 opinion pieces highlighting the importance of innovation in the U.S. economy.


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How Congress Can Make Our Roads Safer This Holiday Season December 03, 2018 American Spectator
The U.S. Cannot Afford to Stifle Innovation in its Technology Industry December 03, 2018 CTA Blog


Title Date Publication
Five Proposals on Which Trump and House Democrats Can Agree November 27, 2018 Morning Consult
Short-term rentals good for the local economy November 20, 2018 Las Vegas Sun
One Dinner That Could Avoid a Depression November 16, 2018 CTA Blog
Why We Need A Deal With China, Not A Trade War November 13, 2018 Investor's Business Daily
These House Members Deserve the Tech Community’s Support November 01, 2018 Medium


Title Date Publication
The biggest threat to drone innovation is a group you've never heard of October 25, 2018 TechCrunch
The 2030 Crisis in Health Care and What We Can Do to Avoid It October 16, 2018 Morning Consult
The Job Market is on the Up and Up – But We Need to Prepare for the Future October 16, 2018 LinkedIn


Title Date Publication
How 5G Makes American Innovations Better September 28, 2018 American Spectator
Technology Offers Something for Everyone – But Not All the Time September 24, 2018 LinkedIn
More Than Faster Phones: The Life-Changing Potential of 5G Technology September 19, 2018 RealClearMarkets
Short-term rentals offer long-term benefits to the D.C. economy September 13, 2018 Washington Post
Why the Best Patent System in the World Is Now Under Attack September 05, 2018 Morning Consult
Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Research Finds Tariffs Will Harm Tech Economy September 04, 2018 LinkedIn


Title Date Publication
If the U.S. Wants to Remain the ‘Shining City Upon a Hill’, We Must Stop Blocking Top Tech Talent August 29, 2018 LinkedIn
China will surpass US to be world's largest economy — it's time for us to shift gears August 23, 2018 Fox News
Why San Diego Needs Short-Term Rentals August 15, 2018 Medium
The International Entrepreneur Rule and Innovation: Why Immigrants Help -- Not Harm -- the U.S. Job Market August 07, 2018 Entrepreneur
Innovation Drives Competition — And Consumer Choice August 03, 2018 Investor's Business Daily
FCC: Future Connectivity and Creativity August 02, 2018 Morning Consult


Title Date Publication
Five Reasons Why Trump Is the ‘Jobs President’ July 27, 2018 American Spectator
Many fear Artificial Intelligence as the road to robots taking over the world -- are they right? July 17, 2018 Fox News
Tech consumers should not be forced to sacrifice privacy for security July 16, 2018 CNBC
Innovation Abroad: The Highlights of CES Asia 2018 July 13, 2018 LinkedIn


Title Date Publication
We Can’t Delay a Federal Policy on Self-Driving Cars June 28, 2018 Morning Consult
Was June 1 the High Point of Trump’s Presidency? June 07, 2018 Medium
Will Trump Help the U.S. Return to Economic Prosperity? June 05, 2018 Fortune


Title Date Publication
Will President Trump support US tech leadership in NAFTA? May 11, 2018 Washington Examiner
Who's afraid of artificial intelligence? It could solve many of our nation's most difficult issues May 08, 2018 Fox News
How the Tech Industry Is Making Life More Audible — and Accessible — for Americans May 01, 2018 Hearing Life


Title Date Publication
Vive la Liberté! Why Freedom-Loving America Needs France in the Future April 29, 2018 American Spectator
Why Trump Should Stop The Growing Trade War With China April 27, 2018 Investor's Business Daily
Emmanuel Macron is bullish on innovation, and it's paying off for France April 25, 2018 Washington Examiner
How Binge Watching your Favorite Show May Help Save the Planet April 20, 2018 LinkedIn
Self-driving car casualties are tragic. But we shouldn't stop improving the technology. April 18, 2018 USA Today
Tariffs on Another $100 Billion Would Cripple U.S. Growth April 06, 2018 Medium
We Need a Reset With China, Not a Trade War April 06, 2018 Fortune
Despite Recent Gloomy News, Technology Is A Catalyst For Good April 03, 2018 Investor's Business Daily


Title Date Publication
U.S. Tariffs Jeopardize American Jobs and Increase Consumer Prices March 27, 2018 LinkedIn
Gas Tax? It’s a Better Idea Than You Might Think March 23, 2018 Morning Consult
Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence March 16, 2018 Xconomy
How tax reform spurs prosperity March 08, 2018 Detroit News
Why Business is Booming in the Bluegrass State March 08, 2018 Medium


Title Date Publication
Washington Is a Hotbed of Innovation February 28, 2018 Washingtonian
Why a Romney Run is a Win for Utah February 26, 2018 Medium
Why Americans should thank President Trump February 20, 2018 American Spectator
Innovation on Display at the 2018 Winter Games February 20, 2018 LinkedIn
What Startups With Global Ambitions Can Learn From International Innovators February 07, 2018 Entrepreneur
The Economy Is Thriving And Jobs Are Booming: Why Trump Deserves Credit February 02, 2018 Investor's Business Daily


Title Date Publication
Trump's State of the Union spoke to America's innovative, entrepreneurial spirit January 31, 2018 Fox News
America’s CEO President January 31, 2018 Medium
Smarter, Faster – and Greener January 31, 2018 LinkedIn
How tech can address the greatest security challenges of our time January 28, 2018 The Washington Times
Without immigration progress, America loses big January 17, 2018 CNN
Why the U.S. Must Welcome Top Talent Before It Travels Elsewhere January 14, 2018 Investor's Business Daily
Life in the era of ‘big data’ January 10, 2018 Detroit News
Picking Up Where We Left Off: A 2018 Policy To-Do List For Washington January 09, 2018 Techdirt
CES, world's biggest tech show, evokes America's spirit and the need for us to work together January 08, 2018 Fox News
CES loves Las Vegas January 07, 2018 Las Vegas Sun
CES 2018: Calling all creators January 06, 2018 Las Vegas Review-Journal