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VIDEO: The Value in Thinking Like a Startup

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association

At CES 2019, Nada Stirratt, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, North America for Facebook and Alison Lewis, CMO of Johnson & Johnson, discuss how CES is the perfect opportunity to preview how your strategy might need to change for the upcoming year as well as the value in thinking like a startup.

“I think one of the biggest challenges that we have is that there are so many disruptors in the marketplace. And so many of these smaller brands are doing an amazing job of staying close to the consumer, reacting quickly, and leaning into more of a test and learn environment. So some of the things we have to evolve to today, we think of ourselves as a giant startup” said Lewis in the CES Influencer Studio. 

Watch the video from CES 2019:

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