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VIDEO: New Frontiers in Mobile Keynote Gave Insight to the Future of 5G

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association

On Wednesday, January 9, MediaLink Chariman and CEO Michael Kassan took the CES 2019 stage with AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan to talk about the not so distant future of 5G.

Donovan is confident that 5G is a “gamechanger” and the “yes you can” technology that will move the world forward. From faster content downloads to self-driving cars, VR, and updating the way hospitals function, 5G holds a lot of promise.

“5G will transform the healthcare relationships between doctors and patients. It will completely redefine the notion of watching a game with new and immersive experience for fans. The same goes for entertainment. It will certainly propel AR and VR from interesting trends to viable communication opportunities,” Kassan said.  

Following Donovan and Kassan’s discussion, Philip Thomas the chairman of Cannes Lions moderated a panel of executives including Ann Lewnes of Adobe, Alicia Hatch of Deloitte, Omar Khan of Magic Leap, Jill Cress of National Geographic and Beth Lester Sidhu of the Stagwell Group.

The panel explored the possibilities of 5G. Cress mentioned National Geographic’s excitement for 5G to connect them “in a more personal way with [their] audience and the opportunity that it has for [them] as a storytelling company.”

Alicia Hatch, CMO of Deloitte, believes 5G “is an enabler of AR and VR. It’s an enabler of AI. It will fundamentally upgrade the entire technology system. It’s a platform for innovation. It’s going to affect the entire economy.”

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