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CES 2019 Live Updates: Tuesday, January 8

CTA Staff
Today’s the day! The CES 2019 show floor doors open this morning, and there is so much to do and see both on and off the show floor. From this morning’s CTA State of the Industry Address and IBM Keynote, to the latest photos and videos from the show floor, we have all the CES updates right here for January 8.

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  • We closed the day with Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestberg. During his keynote, Hans highlighted how 5G would not only be a “quantum leap” in speed, reliability and connectivity for everyday users, but also lays a new foundation for next-gen technology. Topline announcements from Verizon were:
    • A joint effort with the New York Times where both companies will launch a new 5G journalism lab. This opportunity will allow journalists to incorporate more VR and AR content. It doesn’t stop there, 5G will cross many industries – healthcare, agriculture and retail, to name a few. To gain more insights, you can check out our CES podcast on AR and VR with Samsung and HTC.
    • Verizon-owned Skyward reported it is the first mobile carrier to have one million drones connected to its 5G network. We predict 2019 drone sales will reach 3.4 million units (four percent increase YOY) and just over $1 billion in revenue (four percent growth YOY) in 2019.
    • The launch of the 5G Challenge. Verizon will award $1 million in seed money to developers who launch new applications for 5G. 
  • At the C Space Storyteller session CNET's Next Big Thing- The Future of Media, panelists discussed the evolution of video consumption. Moderated by CNET’s Lindsey Turrentine and Brian Cooley, the panel featured executives from Samsung, Verizon and YouTube discussing trends like mobile video, 5G, virtual reality and over-the-top video and the effect they are having on how we consume video content. The panel was preceded by a discussion with Alex Kurtzman, executive producer of Star Trek: Discovery, and a sneak peek of the upcoming second season.

  • Checking out the CES show floor: 

Day 1 of #CES2019 is underway! Here’s a glimpse from the LVCC

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  • Exploring North Hall in the LVCC

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  • IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginny Rometty explored what’s next for IBM across data, blockchain, AI, and computing. Rometty was joined on stage by executives from Delta Airlines, Walmart and Exxon Mobile, and attendees were shown how IBM helps these companies and others to better serve travelers, track the food supply chain, optimize the power grid and enable new energy solutions.  Major announcements from IBM included:
    • A partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, where both teams will share data and use AI to understand the progression of Parkinson’s in patients better.
    • The first commercial quantum computer, IBM Q System One.
    • IBM revealed it is a founding member of CTA’s Apprenticeship Coalition, a major initiative that will create thousands of new apprenticeships in 20 U.S. states and help close the skills gap companies face in hiring new employees. IBM pledged to add at least 450 apprenticeships a year for the next five years.
  • CTA's President and CEO Gary Shapiro and Executive Vice President of CES Karen Chupka took the CES keynote stage to present a State of the Industry Address. CTA Executive Vice President of CES, Karen Chupka, who gave attendees a preview of what they’ll experience this week in Las Vegas – from vehicle technology to digital health, smart cities, sports tech and more. Shapiro announced the release of CTA’s newest book, Ninja Future, which explores the accelerating pace of innovation and gives a 360-degree view of the latest tech trends. Next, Shapiro announced 13 countries in the world as champions for innovation, according to the 2019 International Scorecard.
  • For the technology industry to continue to evolve and grow, there needs to be equal access to venture funding for women-led and women-founded startups. According to data from Pitchbook, all-women teams received just $1.9 billion of the $85 billion total invested by venture capitalists last year in the U.S., which is equal to about 2.2 percent of the total pot. It's as critical that we don't miss out on the innovation the next unicorn startup has to offer because they lacked investment. That's why CTA is excited to announce that we will invest up to $10 million into venture firms and funds focused on funding underrepresented founders, women-led startups and diverse leadership teams.
  • Are you CES Ready? The show floor opens today!
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