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Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS Displays the Latest in Smart Home Tech

Colin Krafft, U.S. Jobs Intern, Consumer Technology Association
The futuristic home created by students at Virginia Tech’s Center for Design Research, FutureHAUS, gives a glimpse into how our homes will be built in the future, and how smart technologies will be integrated seamlessly throughout a house. In November 2018, the FutureHAUS team won first place at the Solar Decathlon in Dubai, making this the premier solar home in the world.
One of the main tenets of the FutureHAUS is how technology makes the house accessible for people with disabilities and the elderly. For example, load cells in the kitchen floor detect who is present by measuring body weight, which triggers the cabinets to raise or lower to the optimal height for whomever approaches.

Other innovative features of the house include a drone hatch for safe and secure drone package delivery; touch screen kitchen backsplashes connected to all appliances and an induction stove top, which doubles as counter space, and transfers heat directly to a pot to save energy and accelerate the cooking process.
Not only would the house help people age in place, it also projects to be extremely affordable. So much so that representatives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently visited the FutureHAUS prototype in Alexandria and expressed interest in its application for public housing units.