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Aflac’s Robot Duck Waddles into Hospitals to Comfort Kids

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
The My Special Aflac Duck, showcased at CES 2018, was created to help provide comfort to children enduring cancer treatment. My Special Aflac Duck is a robotic toy that helps comfort children in a way that lets them have an interactive companion that can soothe and distract from downsides of treatment in hospitals.

One feature of the duck is the ability to express common emotions through reading RFID-enabled emoji cards through a reader on its chest. The child can hold up one of the emoji cards that has one of seven emotions on it (happy, silly, scared, nauseous, angry, calm or sad) and the duck will act out that emotion to help the patient express their feelings.

Another feature is the duck’s ability to reinforce positive associations with treatment. While a patient is going through a stressful procedure, the duck can play music or calming sounds, nuzzle its owner and even create a soothing vibration of calming heartbeats with deep breathing.

Watch the My Special Aflac Duck come to life at CES 2018

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