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Energy Efficient Home Tech Reduces Winter Energy Costs

Elliot Grimm, Specialist, Policy Communications , Consumer Technology Association

Whether it’s spending more time inside with the heat cranked up, taking longer and hotter showers or running the gas fireplace for hours on end, studies show consumers’ winter energy bills could jump by 40 percent. But smart home devices can help control cost and reduce energy consumption. 

With Energy Efficiency Day upon us today, we’re recapping our top three milestones our industry has accomplished with governments and stakeholders across the U.S. who are recognizing the importance of reducing national energy consumption.

Devices are getting more energy efficient

A recent CTA study found that while the number of tech devices in U.S. homes increased by 20 percent between 2010 and 2017, the amount of energy they used dropped 25 percent. Another study found televisions – which have bigger screens, more lifelike pictures, sharper resolution and are more capable than ever – have seen a 76 percent reduction in home energy consumption since 2003.

Technology improvements in devices are saving energy use

And the devices we use to access our favorite shows are improving, too. Two industry-led efforts have cut the energy consumption of set-top boxes and internet equipment – saving consumers billions of dollars in just a matter of years. Even the energy used by the data centers that enable these devices to function has flatlined.

Innovation is creating energy management solutions

Connected home technology has made it easier than ever to manage your home, reducing energy use and costs along the way. The options are limitless — heat and cool rooms individually with a smart HVAC, turn off lights from anywhere in the world with a smartphone, manage appliances’ energy use with a smart meter. Research shows these home automation technologies could reduce your home energy use by up to 10 percent.

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