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This Startup is Using Health Tech to Improve Medical Testing

Kelsey Davis , Sr. Manager, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association
Going through medical testing for a health issue can be an exhausting process. Often, many tests are required to find the source of the issue. Aperiomics set out to fix this problem by creating a test that can identify every bacteria, virus, fungus and parasite in just one test.
Aperiomics recently was crowned the Startup of the Year winner at Innovate Celebrate last month, and we had a chance to speak with CEO and co-founder, Crystal R. Icenhour, Ph.D. about the company and their technology.
Why did you first start Aperiomics?
I co-founded Aperiomics with Drs. Crandall, Johnson, and Castro-Nallar, who are the technical founders. They recruited me in to help them take their academic idea and turn it into something that was clinically- and commercially-relevant. I saw their technology as the future of medicine and an opportunity not to be missed.
What problem were you trying to solve?
Aperiomics is solving the problem of undiagnosed infection.  Many people live and suffer with undiagnosed infection because current infection testing has failed them. Existing testing can identify one thing at a time (or just a few things at a time). Aperiomics screens for over 37,000 microorganisms at a time and has been key in identifying the source of chronic infections where others have failed.
Tell us about the technology behind Aperiomics.
Aperiomics leverages deep metagenomic sequencing with the goal of getting unique DNA information from every microorganism in a sample. This information is queried against our database of every known bacteria, DNA virus, parasite, and fungus and allows us to offer the most comprehensive testing possible.
How is your technology helping your customers?
Healthcare providers are able to get more comprehensive information using our testing, in turn they are able to develop better treatment plans and help their patients find healing.
What is next for Aperiomics?
Our next year is focused on educating the world about our technology and the tremendous power it can have for patients, healthcare providers, medical systems, and insurance providers. This technology is a big win for all healthcare system stakeholders and will change everything about infection testing.