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Self-Driving Market Brings Grocery Shopping Right to Customers

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association

Robomart, a CES 2018 exhibitor, is a self-driving, mobile grocery market. With the tap of a button on the app, consumers can request the closest Robomart, set the location where it should arrive, unlock the doors upon arrival, and shop the Robomart's produce. 

Robomart uses a "grab and go" technology that tracks what customers have taken to provide a checkout-less experience. The Robomart simply charges for what was taken and will send the receipt to the app. 


The eco-friendly, electric Robomart cars will be self-driving, but controlled by teleoperators. The pilot fleet of Robomarts are set to take to the roads soon. 

Watch the video to see Robomart in action: 

The future of self-driving technology will be at CES 2019. Learn more at