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This VR Training Tech Has Quarterback Kirk Cousins Blown Away

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
STRIVR uses VR to “empower people to perform at their best” while making practice perfect. The VR tech programs from STRIVR, a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member, are being used to train company employees at companies like Walmart, give NFL football teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets an authentic way to practice and even lend a virtual hand to the US Ski and Snowboard team to train for the Winter Games.

If you have ever had doubts about how realistic VR technology can be, don’t take it from us. Take it from Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins when he says, “I was blown away by it. I found myself the first time just shaking my head and going, ‘Wow.’ It puts you right down inside the play, and you can hear the calls, which you can’t hear on regular coaches film.”

The STRIVR VR system does push their practices to be perfect: “Watching the usual eye-in-the-sky film, I didn’t get the same vantage point. So getting that view in the pocket is amazingly helpful not only for the guys who don’t get a lot of practice reps, but for myself as well,” Cousins said. Teams who use STRIVR to train have improved “recollection of key concepts by more than 30 percent”.

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