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This 3D Printed House in France Just Became a Home

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
As a part of the fourth Nantes Digital Week in France, Yhnova used a BatiPrint3D printer to build a four bedroom house. The purpose behind using this advanced technology is to create affordable, social housing. At a 20 percent cheaper cost than traditional construction, this house proved to be a possible prototype for future affordable, energy efficient housing.

The 3D printer starts by creating two layers of expansive foam walls, then cement is filled in between them, allowing for the walls to be completely insulated. Freed from conventional building methods, the 3D printer built the house with rounded walls, windows, and doors in just 54 hours.

Architect Charles Coiffier who worked on the project noted that the curves allowed for “the rooms of the house [to] effectively fit in between the trees, at a sufficient distance to preserve the root network, and are connected by long walls in extended curves, marking out a large central living area with views out onto the woodland. The project was eventually sited in a highly constrained wooded area, but we managed to do so without cutting down a single tree.”

The curved walls also provide better air circulation within the home, helping with energy efficiency. Thanks to the 3D printer’s accuracy, there is little to no waste when creating this home, thus adding to its environmentally friendly aspect.

A five person family just moved into the house, making it the first 3D printed house to become an actual home.

Watch this video to see the 3D printers in action:

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