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#TBT to CES 1988

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
Today, we are throwing it back 30 years ago to CES 1988. With technology rapidly changing, it might be nice to slow down, reverse the clock, and reminisce about the tech of the past.

While the technology from back then might seem like old news to us today, it was just as exciting then as the new advancements taking shape today.

A lot has changed over three decades. Camcorders, CD players and changers, and cassette recorders were among some of the tech exhibited on the show floor in 1988. The CD player went on to be the fifth most owned tech product  and the camcorder as the seventh most owned tech product just 10 years later in 1998. And 10 years after that, in-dash CD players sat at the eighth most-owned tech product in 2008.

Enjoy the flashback and take a look at some of the photos from the show floor in 1988.





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