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Protect Your Pet from Heat Stroke With Wearable Tech

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association
With record high temperatures hitting the East Coast this summer, technology can help protect our pets.

A tech startup has created Dawg Tag, a harness that keeps your pet’s health in mind. This wearable tech is a dog harness that measures you dog’s core temperature as well the outdoor temperature and humidity. The measurements are color-coded for an easy visualization of when your dog’s health might be in the danger zone. The harness is water resistant and has a screen right on the harness for easy monitoring.

According to the report Pet Technology: Ownership, Use and Perceptions, from Consumer Technology Association (CTA) research, 60.2 million households owned at least one dog in 2016. Of those households, the health-related pet tech products that were purchased the most included pet GPS tracking, fitness trackers, pet health tech monitors and grooming devices. Products like Dawg Tag would fit within this market.

Watch the video to see the Dawg Tag in action:

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