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The 10 Best Cities to Find Tech Industry Talent

Bronwyn Flores, Specialist, Policy Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Across the country, there are 112,000 open IT jobs, and your company may be one of the thousands of United States tech firms hiring. Our advice: seek talent where they already are.

According to a new report by Abodo the top 10 metro areas for computer- and math-related jobs are:

Image provided by ABODO

The report compared local job density – the number of people working in tech per every 1,000 total jobs – as a ratio against the national average. In other words, these cities not only employ a lot of tech workers, they are home to the majority of them.

The results might shed light on Amazon’s decision to include six of Abodo’s cities – Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Denver, Raleigh and Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, MD – into their HQ2 finalist list. Brands are looking to contribute to fast-growing tech scenes and expand their operations where talent exists.

Another example of a company hiring in the listed cities is Accenture. Although they already have a presence in Atlanta, they announced that by 2020 they will employ 800 people there to support their Innovation Hubs.

The concentration of available high-skill jobs is shifting from California to the heartland - a sign these 10 cities are on the rise for the business community.