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AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, Discusses Her Tech Career and CES 2019 Keynote

CTA Staff

CES 2019 begins in just a couple weeks and we are excited to welcome global industry leaders to our CES 2019 keynote stage. Dr. Lisa Su, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMD will be taking the keynote stage on Wednesday, January 9 at 9 AM in the Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom.
We had a chance to speak with Dr. Su about her career in technology, AMD’s tech and what she will be discussing at CES 2019:

How did you first start your career in tech and what led you to AMD?
"I have always been fascinated by how things work. As a kid, I would take things apart in our house just to figure out how they worked or how to fix them. During my freshman year at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), I got a job in a semiconductor lab for my first undergraduate research assignment. It was grunt work, but for me it provided the opportunity to build something from scratch for the first time. I loved that I could create something on my own, and that you could put so many capabilities on a chip the size of a quarter. It was during this time I realized the incredible potential for semiconductors – the simple idea of combining thousands of working circuits on a small piece of silicon to create products with the power to change the world.
"I have spent my entire career in high-performance processors, working at several companies in the semiconductor space prior to joining AMD in 2012. To me, AMD looked like a company that had all the ingredients to become a strong leader in the industry. I thought I could make a difference here, and more importantly, I thought AMD could have a major impact on the industry. I wanted to be a part of that." 

Q: Tell us a little about the technology AMD creates.
"We are the only company that develops both high-performance CPU and GPU products, which gives us a distinct competitive advantage. We are maniacally focused on building great, high-performance products for computing, graphics and visualization technologies – the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms and the data center. When you think about it, high-performance computing touches every aspect of our lives – from personal devices such as a smartphone or PC to all of our data stored on the internet that is collected and analyzed using cloud computing.
"In 2017, we introduced our brand-new “Zen” CPU and “Vega” GPU architectures, followed by more than ten different product families and 50+ new product launches targeting the high-performance PC, data center, and high-end graphics markets. Now we are poised to launch the world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs, which will strengthen our position in machine learning, AI, and the datacenter markets. 
"We power some of the biggest brands in the industry, from high-end desktop systems to top-of-the-line gaming consoles to market-leading servers, helping to make them better, faster, more powerful, and more energy efficient."
Q: What is your favorite part of attending CES? What are you most looking forward to for CES 2019?

"I truly believe that the technology industry is the most dynamic and exciting area to work in. I attend CES every year and it is a great way to start the new year seeing the latest and greatest announcements of  new technologies and connecting with the entire ecosystem of customers, partners, friends and colleagues.
"CES this year should be really fun as we look forward to the newest trends in high-performance computing, AI, and consumer electronics, and I am also excited to share some of AMD’s thoughts as part of our keynote."
Q: Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be discussing during your CES 2019 keynote?

"I am honored to be giving a keynote at CES this year. This is a major milestone for AMD, and I am really looking forward to sharing the story of some of our newest technologies and how they are driving tremendous opportunities and impact on the world around us.
"I will be joined by some very special guests on stage from different industries that we work with to share their passion around high-performance technologies and give a few examples of how deep partnerships can really accelerate the pace of innovation in the industry. Last but certainly not least, we will be making some exciting announcements about our next-generation products. That’s all I can share for now – you’ll have to join us on January 9 for the full story!"
See Dr. Lisa Su on the keynote stage at CES 2019 – Wednesday, January 9, 9 AM, Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom.