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IBM Patented a Drone that Will Bring You Coffee

Morgan Hatfield, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association

IBM just secured a patent for a drone that will bring you a cup of joe on the go. Not only will it fly around public spaces and deliver subscribers fresh brewed hot coffee, it will have a couple smart features that will make it even easier to get access to coffee.

The drone will be able to connect with customers’ smart devices such as smartphones or watches. With that ability, the drone could access the health data that has been tracked to see if someone’s recent sleep quality was poor or blood pressure which would help it determine if you’d benefit from a cup of java.

Another perk of its pairing ability would be that it can cross-reference medications that the customer is on and determine if caffeine would interact with the prescription.

Coffee won’t be the only beverage this drone can drop. IBM is hoping to expand its application for bars or events when serving cocktails. The technology would look for cues as to whether the user has been overserved and hold off on delivering another beverage. The software will be smart enough to ignore someone’s request if any of these triggers are set off.

See the latest in drone tech at CES 2019, January 8-11.