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How Alibaba is Using AI to Improve Healthcare

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

One of China’s biggest technology companies is using its expertise to improve the country’s healthcare system. China has a rapidly aging population and hospitals are becoming burdened with too many patients and not enough doctors. Chinese leaders have called on tech companies to help modernize and automate medical tasks as a way to improve patients’ access to healthcare.

E-commerce leader Alibaba has committed to using AI and machine learning to help hospitals and doctors. Alibaba’s cloud computing division has created a suite of AI medical solutions that can assist with drug development, medical imaging and diagnostics. The company has focused some of their efforts on AI systems that can detect certain types of early stage cancers. Alibaba Health developed a diagnostic tool that uses imaging to make early diagnoses, while Alibaba Cloud is leveraging AI and visual computation technologies to detect cervical cancer and training machines to find lung cancer using high-resolution CT scans.

Recently, Alibaba teamed up with AstraZeneca to help expand the drug maker’s market in China. Alibaba and AstraZeneca will work together to deliver smart health services driven by the Internet and AI. With these developments, it’s clear that China’s tech industry sees AI as a real solution to improve the country’s healthcare.

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