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Asia is Leading the Way with Self-Driving Tech

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Home to some of the world’s most innovative tech companies and automobile manufacturers, countries like China, Japan and South Korea are powering ahead to develop and test self-driving technology.

Here are some of the latest developments happening across the region.

The Winter Games in February became a testing ground for many emerging technologies, including self-driving cars from Hyundai. The automotive company had a fleet of its self-driving cars travel from Seoul to Pyeongchang while connected to a 5G network. This was the first time self-driving cars drove long distance at highway speeds in South Korea. Hyundai has plans to get self-driving cars on the road by 2021.

Honda has a number of strategic partnerships to help bring its self-driving cars to market by 2025. Honda is teaming up with a Chinese IT company to develop artificial intelligence systems for self-driving cars, including technologies that can assess the driving environment and behavior of other cars and pedestrians. Honda is also working with one of Japan’s biggest telecommunications companies to research how 5G networks can enhance the connectivity of self-driving vehicles.

Additionally, China has taken a big step in the country’s deployment of self-driving vehicles. The government issued licenses to automobile manufacturers to begin test driving along a section of public roads in Shanghai. In Beijing, tech giant Baidu was granted a license to test their self-driving vehicles on the city’s complex and busy streets. Baidu recently completed the first road test while connected to a 5G network.

The future of vehicle technology will be showcased at CES Asia 2018. You will see Hyundai, Honda and Baidu on the show floor, along with other automotive innovators like KIA, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive, BYTON and more. Register for CES Asia today.