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4 Companies Revolutionizing AI Technology

CTA Staff

Artificial intelligence will transform our world, completely revolutionizing the way we do everything from operating vehicles to caring for elderly parents. Worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems will nearly quintuple by 2021, and nearly half of large U.S. enterprises plan to hire someone in the next year to help develop their AI strategy, according to CTA’s report Current and Future Prospects of Artificial Intelligence.

Here are four tech companies who are taking AI to the next level:

Israeli-headquartered OrCam makes an AI-powered, wearable artificial vision device to help people who are blind or visually impaired achieve a level of independence that would otherwise be impossible. Weighing less than an ounce, the OrCam MyEye system clips onto glasses frames and includes a tiny smart camera and speaker, instantly delivering vital visual information to the wearer. Available in 15 languages, the wearer can instantly hear printed or digital text and identify products such as a cereal box or a carton of milk. 

OrCam MyEye also seamlessly recognizes faces that you’ve met before. The impact of this technology is breathtaking: roughly 10 million Americans are blind or visually impaired, and that population will double by 2050.

Mayfield Robotics created Kuri, a first-of-its-kind home robot designed with personality, awareness and mobility. Kuri has a laser sensor for mapping your home, and additional sensors for detecting edges and objects so she knows where she is. A built-in 1080p HD camera that gives Kuri her most magical feature: Kuri Vision. Kuri Vision allows Kuri to capture short videos of those valuable moments from your home automatically and her livestream capabilities allow you to check in on your household while you’re away. Did we mention she’s cute and designed to endear with her friendly disposition? The same can’t always be said for your cat.

Companies in the financial services sector have been using AI for years for critical needs such as money laundering prevention and fraud detection. But USAA just recently started to incorporate the technology to enhance customer experience. One great example is the USAA mobile app, which is customized to each individual user based on their usage habits. USAA also incorporated a natural language AI platform into their Amazon Alexa skills, so customers can perform common banking tasks and receive personalized responses.

Opaque Studios is pioneering changes for the filmmaking and gaming industry through real-time virtual production tools. Their software can be used by content creators to interface with digital doubles and performances, or to create, manipulate and interact with computer generated environments.

This reduces wasteful iteration times and allows for faster creative decisions, all while giving directors the same level of freedom they have on a live-action set and dramatically reducing production costs. This trailblazing company is led by a true AI expert, -- co-founder Mariana Acuña Acosta, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with one of the first certifications for AI business strategy. 

These four companies, among others, are a part of CTA’s AI Working Group, which was launched earlier this year. The working group will support the advancement of AI technologies through market research, promotion and advocacy for pro-innovation policy. Upcoming projects include creating AI industry definitions to improve public awareness and understanding, and considering policy principles to guide CTA’s advocacy and leadership on AI-related legislation.

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