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It's a Grand Slam for IBM's Watson

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

IBM’s Watson is already well-known for its ability to beat contestants on Jeopardy. The artificial intelligence system has many other uses and the world of sports is taking notice. Watson can be used to engage fans and help monitor multiple matches that take place at the same time during a tournament. 

Watson has been deployed by the U.S. Tennis Association to curate highlights for the US Open. A new feature of Watson, called Cognitive Highlights, uses crowd volume, player reactions and analysis from commentators to select the best highlights fans want to see. When there are multiple matches going on simultaneously, having Watson sort through hours of clips is much more efficient. The system first debuted at the Masters Golf tournament where it was used internally as a guide for selecting highlights.

Before the US Open, Watson was used in a similar way at Wimbledon. The system was able to create short videos from different segments of footage and push highlight packages across Wimbledon’s digital platforms.

Beyond tennis, Watson’s Cognitive Highlights could be used for a variety of other sports allowing fans to experience the most interesting and exciting parts of the game.

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