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3 Tech Startups That are Changing the World

Michael Brown, Sr. Director, Marketing , Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Last week, big tech brands and small startups came together to network and share knowledge in San Francisco at the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Innovate and Celebrate.

With the unfortunate backdrop of the horrible wildfires raging in Northern California, I was inspired by many startups who are developing technologies that are keeping us safer and in some cases, saving lives. I was able to connect with three of the five finalists from TechCo’s Startup of the Year competition. These companies, and the entrepreneurs who created them, are great examples of technology and innovators helping to solve complex world problems and greatly improving lives. 

Allergy Amulet 

I’m very fortunate to have two allergy free kids, but many parents live with the daily worry that comes with having a child with severe or even life threatening allergies. Allergy Amulet creates an easy, quick and fashionable way to keep your kids safe. Within a minute, the amulet, which hangs around your neck, can tell if a food item contains specified allergens. The solution has the potential to provide peace of mind for parents and even save lives for those with life threatening allergies.   

Oska Pulse

Oska Wellness looks to provide pain relief in an effective, drug-free and proven way. Oska Pulse mimics the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness and inflammation, using optimized pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF).  Making PEMF in a small, relatively inexpensive form factor has the potential to provide drug-free pain relief to a much wider audience than is currently feasible.

Oska gave an incredible example of a pregnant woman addicted to opioids for 15 years. After four weeks of using the Oska Pulse, she was no longer taking pain medication and now has a healthy two month old baby.


GoSun Stove

As I was walking around admiring all the cool startups at Innovate Celebrate, I immediately recognized the GoSun stove from a Top Chef competition last year.  GoSun has invented a revolutionary solar cooker that has the potential to improve lives around the world. 

A large portion of the world’s inhabitants still cook over wood or coal fires. GoSun’s solar stove provides a clean, affordable way for anyone to cook food and boil water using only solar power.

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