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Robotics That Can Clean Up After Your Pet, Track Your Sleep and More

Wei-Shi Lin, Coordinator, Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Technology companies are making headway in creating innovative robotic products that are redefining the future of technology, changing – and improving – everyday life.

Here are three innovative robotics companies that you can see at CES 2018:


Responding to ever-increasing health-management needs, Segway is improving the quality of elderly care with their Loomo Robot. From real-time data sharing with caretakers and family members to detecting accidents and providing alert messages, Loomo showcases how robotics technology is improving customized care and reassuring users. See the Loomo in action and explore its many other functions.


It’s the little things in life that make a difference. With a patented sifting system, Litter-Robot is revolutionizing pet-care as a self-cleaning litter box so you’d never have to scoop litter again. Mess-free and odor-reducing, the Littler-Robot is making sure you don’t hold grudges against your cat.


It’s trendy these days to track our sleep. But what about actually getting to sleep? With automated breaths, lullabies, and tested ideal comfort, Somnox is aiming to help the insomniacs in the world experience the joys of sleep.

Visit these robotics companies and others at CES2018. Don’t miss out – register for CES today.