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How One Innovative Company Combined Fitness and Virtual Reality

Kelsey Davis, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

One of the keys to an effective fitness routine is finding something you love to do, while still being active. ICAROS found a way to combine gaming, virtual reality (VR) and fitness into one groundbreaking product.

We had a chance to speak with their team about their product and experience at CES over the years.

How did you first come up with ICAROS? Was there a gap in the market you were trying to fill?

Our goal was to create an experience that entertains people while making them fitter. Working out in a gym can get boring and especially core and balance exercises, like planks, can feel tiring. So we asked ourselves, “What could be a strong driver to motivate people to be more active and help them improve or build exercise routines?”

Flying has always been mankind’s dream, so we decided to build an exercise system that enables users to fly — virtually.


Tell us a little about how the technology behind ICAROS works.

ICAROS systems combine hardware, software and electronics to provide exercise, gaming and social competition. The ICAROS pro device is a mechanical exercise equipment that allows three-dimensional planks.

A controller attached to the handlebar includes motion sensors that detect the users’ movements on the device. A wireless connection between the controller and VR headset allows users to steer through virtual environments with their body movements.

This way people can fly, dive or drive through virtual landscapes — even in multiplayer with other ICAROS pilots.

How can you use the ICAROS technology for fitness?

With the three-dimensional planks on the ICAROS pro, users can improve core strength and coordination. University-based research shows that the active planking on the device doubles the users’ muscle stimulation and increases the amount of calories burned by 30 percent, compared to kneeling planks on the floor. The best way to experience the training effects is, of course, a test flight.

Why did you first get involved with CES? Tell us about your experience at past CES shows.

CES is the place to be for companies dealing with innovative and revolutionary technologies. The international audience, exhibitors and media coverage are one of a kind.

For ICAROS, CES was a great opportunity to first present prototypes in Eureka Park in 2016. The interest was huge and helped us get international awareness and customers. CES 2017 even exceeded our previous experiences with international media coverage, millions of visitors on our websites and great global impact.

What do you have in store for CES 2018?

We are very excited to join CES 2018 and can’t wait to uncover our brand-new products for the first time. ICAROS will enter living rooms and connect pilots globally. We look forward to announcing more details soon!

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