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Have a New Product Idea? This is Where You Need to be at CES 2018

Brian Moon, VP, International Sales, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

In two short months, the entire consumer technology industry will converge in Las Vegas for CES to witness the future. In the midst of all of the announcements, products and technologies that we are going to see, hear and read about, let’s pause for a moment and ask: Who thought of this? Why does it look the way it does? Where was it made? I have an idea for something that will revolutionize the industry too!

The benefit of attending CES is not only to be part of the forefront of technology, but that CES itself is a platform for conducting business, networking, ingenuity and creation – and we are pleased to introduce for the first time at CES, a destination for just that: the Design & Source Showcase. 

From an attendee who has an idea drawn on a napkin, to an existing brand seeking global manufacturing partners, the Design & Source Showcase will be a one-stop resource for CES attendees to meet with cutting-edge design firms, packaging solution providers and hundreds of potential sourcing and manufacturing partners (from countries such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), who can help your idea go to market and potentially be the next big thing talked about at CES.

In addition, two and a half days of conference programming from global resources and experts will be presented on a dedicated stage to educate attendees on relevant topics such as design elements, sustainability, doing business abroad and links between innovation and manufacturing.

The Design & Source Showcase will be located in South Plaza, adjacent to South Hall, LVCC in Tech East.

Great ideas welcomed! 

Learn more about the Design & Source Showcase at CES 2018. Don’t miss out – register for CES today.