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Smart Cities Make Communities More Efficient

Kelsey Davis, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Cities all over the world are going high-tech, from Toronto’s waterfront to Bill Gates’ connected city in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. While the smartest cities wow us with their cutting-edge technology, they are more importantly improving the lives of their citizens.

Today, over half of the world’s population lives in cities, and by 2050, it will be up to two-thirds. According to The Rise and Growth of Smart Cities in Europe, a research report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), there are more than 200 smart city projects of varying degree across Europe. Some 83 percent of these projects are focused on environment and energy conservation efforts while 52 percent are working on smart mobility solutions.

Smart cities see immense benefits on the city’s economy including:

  • Greater efficiencies in public resources

  • More affordable public services (e.g. health care, transportation)

  • Increased investments as the cities become more intelligent, in turn creating job

  • Increased demand for knowledge-based positions in programming and data mining due to automation

  • Higher wages offered by new technology jobs

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