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Facebook Will Supply Internet in Times of Crisis

Michael Williams, Coordinator, Partnership Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

The internet has evolved past simply enabling us to keep in touch with friends and streaming our favorite videos. In times of crisis, people often head to social media and other online resources to stay informed. Facebook wants to do more when disaster strikes.

The social media company (a Consumer Technology Association [CTA] member) recently announced a way of supplying internet access to disaster areas. Known as “Tether-tenna technology,” an unmanned helicopter drone can tether to a fiber line and a power source to replace damaged Wi-Fi towers. Facebook hopes the drones will stay airborne for weeks or even months.

“When completed, this technology will be able to be deployed immediately and operate for months at a time to bring back connectivity in case of an emergency — ensuring the local community can stay connected while the in-ground connectivity is under repair,” said Yael Maguire, head of the Facebook Connectivity Lab.

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