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Oreo Dunks With Drones

Michael Williams, Digital Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Drones are capable of changing our lives in more ways than we think. From delivering packages to getting medical supplies to patients in need, drones are redefining how we get things from point A to point B.

Turns out, they’re also great for dunking Oreo cookies in milk.

In honor of the brand’s 105th birthday, Oreo flew five costumed drones over the New York City skyline for a larger-than-life milk dunk. The drones dropped the cookies into cups of milk setup alongside the East River. Some drones soared to 305 feet — the same height as the Statue of Liberty — to unleash the treats.

Fortunately, you didn’t have to be in New York to catch the stunt. Watch the “Drone Dunk” below.