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Tech is Changing How we Engage with Politicians

Rachel Horn, Director, Thought Leadership, Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are not only changing how politicians engage with voters – just check President Trump’s daily Twitter feed –  they’re also upending how we consume the news and engage with politicians.
CTA revisited a study first conducted in 2011 to understand how consumers use tech to follow politics, and found we rely much more heavily on the internet and social media for news and politics than we did six years ago - and we are much more engaged due to social media platforms.
Since our first study, roughly twice as many survey participants say they are more politically aware because of social networking. One in four participants now say they follow national elections using social media – an 11 percent increase from 2011. And nearly one in five participants say they’re likely to directly engage with candidates through social media. 
More highlights from the CTA study below: