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This Wearables Tech is Game-Changing for the Visually Impaired

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

New technologies have provided innovative ways for those who are blind or have visual impairments to navigate the world. The rise of artificial intelligence or machine learning is creating a new market within the wearables industry. The same technology used by tech giants like Google and Facebook can also be used to help those with visual impairments complete daily tasks, such as reading a street sign or finding the produce aisle in the grocery store.

For example, Aira is a new service for those with visual impairments that even has the stamp of approval from the National Federation of the Blind. Users wear camera-enabled glasses that share a video stream with an agent who can then help the user get instant access to information.

Erich Manser, a legally blind man who used Aira technology to run the Boston Marathon, talked about his experience.

See how real people use the Aira technology in the video below:


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